Medical Activities

Innovative Drug Delivery Solutions

Medical Activities

Innovative Drug Delivery Solutions

Medical Activities

Innovative Drug Delivery Solutions

Innovation is part of our company’s identity and we continuously strive to bring new solutions to the markets we serve. In that perspective and based on our core competencies in injectable and semi-solid pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, and regulatory, we are expanding our portfolio in the medical field. Our activities are structured along three primary platforms:

  • Contract Manufacturing services for pharmaceutical products that require cartridge filling
  • Product development of injectable and semi-solid pharmaceuticals
  • Custom medical device development


Today, our activities in the medical field count for more than 10% of our total revenue and will become increasingly important as we continue to leverage our strong capabilities in this domain. Our investment plans in North America will also allow us to respond to the strong demand and interest of customers.

Novocol Healthcare
Novocol Healthcare Inc. (NHI), a subsidiary of Septodont, is dedicated to partnering with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to utilize the specialized manufacturing capabilities at Septodont sites globally. NHI is collaborating with large multinational partners as well as niche companies to bring significant differentiation to their development projects and commercial products.

As part of Septodont Group, Novocol Healthcare Inc. is providing its service to customers that develop both branded and generic pharmaceutical products. NHI provides to customers complete tech transfer, regulatory and project management services as well as, CMO services for partners that require cartridge filling or manufacturing of semi-solid dosage forms including creams, ointments, topical solutions and gels.

Core offerings

  • Integrated manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products in our USFDA approved facilities
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Regulatory support
  • Access to custom device development services through our subsidiary, Duoject Medical Systems

NHI also develops injectable and semi-solid pharmaceutical products in the Company’s internal research and development labs. These products are manufactured in facilities that comply with USFDA standards.

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Duoject Logo Since 1985 Duoject Medical Systems has provided solutions to enhance drug administration to patients by developing novel injectable delivery devices for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Duoject’s disruptive innovation provides the pharmaceutical industry with ground-breaking medical devices. The Company’s mission is to help clients achieve commercial success by developing solutions that improve reconstitution and administration for their drug products. Duoject offers a full-line service that integrates everything from product development to large-scale manufacturing, including regulatory services and contract cartridge filling through Novocol Healthcare, Inc.

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