Regeneration & Surgery

From Extraction to Regeneration

Regeneration & Surgery

From Extraction to Regeneration

Regeneration & Surgery

From Extraction to Regeneration

Septodont, as a global player in dentistry, ambitions to offer dentist practitioners a wide range of solutions in surgery focusing on the preservation of the alveolar socket & general dentistry practice. We aim at improving clinical outcomes of dental extraction to best serve clinicians and patients.

Thanks to our products, we envision providing General Dentists a complete solution for teeth extractions.

As dental extraction might be challenging and can generate pain & bleeding, Septodont acknowledges that best practice goes through:

  • An access to regeneration & preservation of alveolar ridge, now a standard of care.
  • The patients ‘best possible home return
  • The management of potential post operation complications

Because Patients should be offered solutions to:

  • Avoid spontaneous ridge resorption
  • Preserve their bone dimensions
  • Spare negative impact of teeth extraction on both esthetics & functional aspects
  • Minimize pain & complications
  • Maintain the ability of a treatment afterwards
  • Maximize their chances of a successful potential 2nd intention reconstruction

Whether bone grafting solution or hemostatic solutions, Septodont commits to deliver product with:

  • Fully resorbable properties
  • Ideal time of resorption
  • Excellent osteoconductivity to promote new bone formation
  • Absolutely no risk of cross-infection transmission
  • Ease of use & optimized packaging adapted to dentists needs
  • High biocompatibility: Bio-inert & safe

Our products have been covered by many scientific studies for the last 30 years in oral surgery indications, proving their efficiency and safety & meeting strict regulations across the world to offer optimal conditions for the success of the dental surgical procedure.

Septodont’s Surgical Product Range Covers:

  • Pain Management from the initial anesthesia and to the management of the post operation pain
  • Bleeding management to control local haemostasis after teeth extractions, root amputations and removal of cysts, tumors and impacted teeth
  • Bone grafting procedures to preserve the existing bone or recreate the osseous structure after a tooth extraction, a periodontal disease, in endodontics after apicectomy & in Implantology for ridge augmentation, sinus lift or peri-implant defects
  • Wound Covering to generate a selective cell repopulation to guide proliferation of tissues & bone during healing and after therapy thanks to a range of membranes
  • Post extraction complications to help rapidly alleviate pain in case of Dry socket
The Future

In the Future

For years, dentists have been extracting teeth, then they started to repair them. Afterwards, dentistry entered in the era of the restoration & filling materials. However, Modern dentistry will restore organs up to their initial functions. We believe Regeneration is the next game changing with full healing of damaged dental tissues, bones or ligaments.